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Design-Bid-Build (DBB)

DBB has three distinct project phases: the design phase (design team is chosen for the project), the bid phase (general contractor is selected through RFP process) and build phase (when the project is built by the selected general contractor and subcontractors).

Best used on: Projects that are relatively simple, tight on time, and have a limited budget.


Design-Build (DB)

DB is a project delivery method which the owner hires the design and construction team under one contract to deliver the project from start to finish. Since the same team is responsible for the design and construction phases, DB helps reduce pricing changes throughout the project. Changes are usually isolated to situations where unknown conditions occur, or owner requests require cost increases.

Best used on: Owner wants a significant amount of cost control and establish a firm maximum price of the project early on.


Multi-Prime (MP)

MP is similar to DBB in that it has three sequential project phases, but with MP, the owner contracts directly with separate specialty contractors for specific and designated elements of the work, rather than with a single general or prime contractor.

Best used on: Owner wants control over the entire process.

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